Gas-Heavy Oil Burners

Gas Heavy Oil Burners / ENNE / EMME Series

ENNE / EMME Series, Gas / Heavy Oil

Offering progressive high/low or fully modulating operation this technically advanced series of Dual Fuel burners give firing rates from 630 to 5000 kW, with high maintainable efficiencies, using either fuel. supplied as progressive two stage. burners as standard, full modulation may be achieved, with a turn down ratio of 4:1 by the Addition of a sophisticated modulating control system. In this mode, these burners have been found particularly suitable for use on commercial and industrial installation where the load factor is subject to wide variations over a short time span. On oil side, correct automizing temperature is provided from the special modular plate type pre-heater. All units are equipped with a "Double Motor" feature which allows for the total shut down of the oil burner circuitry during operation on gas.

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